Workplace Wellness Workshops

 ورش عافية الموظف

ورش عافية الموظف Corporate Wellness Workshops

Research showed that companies that companies who support staff well-being reap the benefits through enhanced morale, loyalty, commitment, innovation, productivity and profitability. 

أظهرت الأبحاث أن الشركات التي تدعم رفاهية الموظفين تجني الفوائد من خلال تعزيز الروح المعنوية والولاء والالتزام والابتكار والإنتاجية والربحية.

For Bookings & Dates Contact

Thiba Sharaf (Ms.)

Reiki Master Teacher

Mob +971 50 662 8783

Location: Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim

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What's Reiki? How does it Work? What's a Reiki Radiant Face? & other info about reiki. 

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My interview on Arabia TV: What's reiki?

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*Reiki is a stress reduction method that needs to be used alongside conventional medicine. The information on this website are metaphysical in nature and are not medical.

* Results may vary from one person to another