Thiba Sharaf (Ms.)

Reiki* Master Teacher

Jumeirah, Al Wasl Road, Al Manara Exit

ثبة شرف

جراند ماستر ريكي

جميرا، شارع الوصل، مخرج المنارة

Mobile +971 50 662 8783


I feel great thank you; I was so tired after the work shop& the reiki session because I had not been sleeping properly for so long I can’t remember. I went home and slept 4 hours straight and have slept really well since.

 I have had some detox symptoms but feel great, I feel so much lighter, positive and optimistic unlike the heavy bogged down, exhausted feeling I had before my visit, my cravings are less and I am eating less as well, as I result I have already lost weight since I visited you which was only 3 days ago.

I am feeling less stressed and when I have been around stressed out people who are generally offloading I find it does not penetrate, as being a sensitive person usually it would as I am a fixer but now I feel things just bouncing off me, as if I am wearing a radiant armor of light : ) this is the only way I can describe it. As a result of this I look so much better as an effect of feeling better, the whites of my eyes are whiter, the dark circles around my eyes are less, and my skin is clearer and the added bonus of the weight loss too. Plus when I wake up in the morning it feels as if I had a vacation, the exhaustion and having to drag myself out of bed is remarkably less in just 3 days!

 I am doing my practice daily and look forward to the next coming weeks as I am feeling improvements daily from the previous day.

 I am really grateful for this huge shift that I am experiencing right now and for the life long relationship that I am making with Reiki and the benefits it can bring with practice and of course experiencing the sessions as a receiver also, I am really looking forward to more sessions with you and Reiki level 2 in the future.

 Thanks so much Thiba, looking forward to my next session soon.

 Lots of love and gratitude.



I feel a great boost of energy and my face is so radiant; it feels as if it's glowing even when I'm tired!

However, the most important thing that I got pregnant right after your reiki :) I remember that after you finished working on my face; you went to my tummy area & told me that you felt a blockage there so you removed it. I already have a 4  year old boy & although medically I was physically fit; but I wasn't able to conceive for the past 3 years. However, I got pregnant right after your session! Thank you for the most precious gift...



Many many many thanks for the amazing experience. I did two sessions and my skin was improving and became more healthy and shiny. It's amazing how during the session I felt you pulling up and moving on my skin without touching it. After the session I felt so relaxed and feeling happy. What I like the most is how friendly you are and so nice person to talk with. Many thanks & God bless you, Amna



My boyfriend & I both attended your level one workshop. During one of your trips; I was allergic from a horse ride so I wasn't able to breathe. My BF called the hotel for a doctor (witch took 30 min to arrive). Meanwhile, I wasn't able to breathe; I felt I was dying! my BF by instinct started to give me reiki & in a minute after that I started to breath almost 95% normally!

We both experienced the miracle of reiki & how it can save lives!

Thank you for your gift



"My face looks clear, radiant & glowing. The dark circles under my eyes have vanished! My cheeks are lifted as well; 

I'm more confident & I feel beautiful. I'm so happy! Thank you for the reiki facelift"



 The reiki is going very well. I am seeing colors now. It is really amazing and my meditations are enhanced as well. I will be coming back to you in a few weeks for the Reiki 2 certification with symbols. Many thanks for this reiki energy. Much Love,





 Thank you so much master Thiba for such an amazing experience in the workshop I attended. I really appreciate your approach to teaching; you seem to make the knowledge slides into place and settles gently around the soul.



My whole face looks radiant & my wrinkles have amazingly reduced! Thanks for the facelift




Coming for a Reiki facelift was more than what I expected. After the session I felt stress free (I could feel the stress leaving me instantly), balanced and I was a much happier person since then.

The result of a relaxed face was showing even more the day after .My skin felt detoxified and a lot more hydrated than usual ( my skin is always dry; I need to moisturize it twice a day but I did not need to since the session). I will definitely experience it again with you and I am recommending it to everyone, it’s beneficial for the whole body! Thank you Thiba!



"It was brief yet powerful. Relaxing and “uplifting”- I really felt the lifting of my face even without you touching it. Now, no saggy chin, and I feel more confident and beautiful. Thank you for the reiki radiant face" Thelma


“ Thanks Thiba for the wonderful healing session. It is powerful yet very peaceful, no doubt it is effective and certainly have benefited so much. I feel more calm, relaxed, confident, more centered, grounded and balanced. The reiki radiant face is as well uplifting and my face feels revived and radiant, there were some lines on my face and now they seem to be less visible. I was surprised, actually – I smiled -I kept looking at my face several times to see if it is real or not. it looks and feel better -for only one session!!!?     Thank you again for this great and wonderful experience. God bless you“ Nora

" It's amazing I could feel as if  someone is lifting my face & pulling my jaws although you didn't touch me! Beautiful & powerful experience. Thank you for the wonderful  Reiki Radiant Face session"



 Although you didn't touch me, but, I felt as if there was a brush on my face & later sprinkles of water. A beautiful experience. Thank you for the reiki radiant face"




" My face looks radiant; it's much clearer & my wrinkles are reduced. Many Thanks for the reiki radiant face session"



I have Spinal Cord Tumor; I was in tremendous pain & was in bed all the time. After your attunement & session; I became much better. I'm now able to do my daily life routine normally (cooking, going out...etc) I feel much healthier now.

Thank you, Fatima


"At a point of time on my life , not along time ago , I was so stressed , emotionally confused , and exhausted from everything in my life starting with work , relationships , and even daily life style . I read about Reiki and asked my friends about it and all what i got was "stress relieving mechanism " . However I started to call so many people that are doing the reiki and eventually I end up going to master teacher Thiba Sharaf . I was a little bit scared from the entering this experience but it was really worth it . from the first session , I felt so much calm and relaxed in a way that I didnt feel like that since long time although that I do  go for alot of relaxing massage. during the session , I felt peaceful yet alot of heat coming of my chest . by the end of the session , I felt like energetic and happiness is surrounding me . when I went back home that day, I contacted my friend to go walking with her . without even telling her that I went to a reiki session , she said to me "Ibtesam you look so fresh and energetic " and i could feel that too , that was around 8 at night , and usually by that time I am dead and in the bed , but on that night , I felt like I want to go walking , seeing my friends and I didnt even complain from anything that goes in my life . The next day I went back to attend the first level workshop and I did the attunement , and the same day I did reiki to one of ladies , and she her self said that she experienced out of the body experience . I am doing reiki to my self on a daily basis , and I have written my dreams and my goals on a peice of paper and I do the affirmation using reiki every day using that paper . I forgat to mention , the day I did the attunement , I used reiki to manafist one of my dreams and on the same day, I promise you . my dream came true. I am planning to go for the next level of reiki , and for sure I am going to do the affiramtion every day and every time I feel like it . The amazing part is that I can do reiki on self when I wake up, when I am at work and sometimes in the evening before I go to the gym . I think everybody should be given the opportunity to feel the energy healing through their body . I am so thankful to God and to the circumstances that introduced me to Reiki"



 I am doing great. I am having a stressfree & peaceful sleep at night. I can also see softening of my cheeks which was dry before & improvement of my dark circles. I am really happy with the treatment. Love,




"I found the workshop thoroughly enjoyable and insightful, I am looking forward to learning more about reiki. Thanks," Anthony



 I feel much better, more balanced & in peace. Also, every one tells me how radiant my face looks! Thank you for the healing & reiki radiant face session.


"When I first did the rieki with Thiba I didn’t know much about it, I only knew that I pick up other ppl’s energy and I didn’t know how to block it or stop this feeling that I cant breath or have difficulty breathing ….after my first session I cant say but thank you for bringing me back to life!"


Thanks, I feel more centred & not so confused.



"Just like  magic. It was great and I feltl being rejuvenated"




Hello Thiba! I am very well thanks for asking;  I'm having lots of energy & somehow I sleep less than usual(the usual is 12hours) ah ah and I've noticed that my nails got nicer...they were very weak...they have a different colour!!Thank you :))




"I've been suffering from pimples for a long time. I tried everything you can think of but the pimples won't go! I did less than 10 min reiki facial & pimples are fading! It's remarkable! My face looks much nicer & healthier. Thank you!"






"Thank you for the reiki radiant face session on the weekend! It was truly a wonderful experience :)

Having acne prone complexion, it was very relaxing during the session - I could actually feel the energy as if shots of electricity were running through my face. I have always considered facials to be a painful procedure. But this session has changed my thoughts and shown highly effective results too.

 The inflammation came down almost immediately, within a couple of hours and every time I cleansed my face with a cotton pad that night and the next day, the whiteheads came out effortlessly! I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wishes to have an effective and instant radiant face.

 Thanks again ! Love,"



I' m so so so happy that I have met you.

You cannot imagine how peaceful I feel and how happy I am.




 "Thiba is a gifted reiki teacher and helped me to initiate my journey into reiki. She is gentle and encouraging in her approach. Thanks Thiba and wishing you good luck always"



 My experience of the Reike level one course is unforgettable at all.

Being a pharmacist with deep clinical knowledge, was a paradigm shift in my life.

I can tell now that I start to discover what in me,,,,what is the soul and where is the supplier of the power managing the whole process.

understanding ( only ) what is the aura is nothing to a person,,,,the key is how to control the life where you are and how to act as a key part of the universe.

During the course ,I really was not able to understand whats going on,,,, different moods,,,different reactions,,,a new experience in how to use your body.

After the course,,I went through different and soo complex emotions for the next 24H.

It's difficult to say ,that after 31 years living a good life style,,,I start to exist in life!!!!!!

I'm feeling every thing around me,,,I have the ability to see and experience a second vision layer to people around me,,regardless I know them or NO.

Physically,, I went through a very tough illness for 12H,,,and I start to recover as if a new system is going to be uploaded there.

I would like to go into this world deeply,,,, I would like to make it the theme of my life.

Thiba.....Thanks & Regards,



























 I really enjoyed the workshop! Thank you so much, I feel like I have learnt a lot.



Thank you so much for the workshop! I've never felt more at peace and I feel cleansed inside out. Its a beautiful sensation. I even tried reiki on my sister, she felt so relaxed!



Thank you so much for the lovely workshop. I have started to notice some changes already, mainly a heightened awareness and a more conscious effort to live in the present moment. 




*Reiki is a stress reduction method that needs to be used alongside conventional medicine. The information on this website are metaphysical in nature and are not medical.

* Results may vary from one person to another

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