Seek the Truth

 Seeking the truth and seeing behind worldly illusions is the mission of the 3rd eye chakra

Once upon a time there was a young man who got a horse as a gift. His family was so joyous because they felt their son was so lucky. The Zen master commented: let's see. 

Later on, the young man fell off the horse and broke his leg. His family was so devastated and said the horse is jinked; it brought their son bad luck. The Zen master commented: let's see.

Shortly after that, the war broke out and men were drafted; however, the young man was left home because of his broken leg. The family was thrilled and considered their son as lucky! The Zen master commented: let's see.

Labeling events is a dangerous habit of mankind. We categorize things as bad, good, lucky, unlucky, disastrous, good-fortune, punishment, reward etc. In fact, they're all mere worldly illusions. The Divine truth is that things are neutral; they're neither good nor bad. They're simply is!

Things happen to help us evolve spiritually so we can achieve the highest potential that God has planned for us. 

God is neither angry nor happy with us. Anger and happiness are "self" conditioned feelings. God is eternal. 

It would help to start seeing things as cause and effect instead of punishment and reward. Pure physics! Whatever energy you're emitting comes back to you. To change the outcome, change the input. However, don't be too harsh on yourself. Sometimes things happen as part of a mysterious Divine plan not because of our own energetic input such as: death, divorce, illness, bankruptcy etc.

Hence the importance of keeping in mind that life is a mystery. Trying to reason with a mystery is a guaranteed recipe for insanity! Let go of trying to understand why things have happened to you. Instead, accept and embrace your current situation. Deal with it as an opportunity for spiritual growth. Dig deep down into your consciousness and see if there's anything you need to change in your attitude towards life then let go of the incident and the outcome. If you feel that you have done all the spiritual growth that you can extract from this particular situation, but, things haven't changed yet; most likely, you're being taught resilience. 

Thiba Sharaf

Reiki Master Teacher


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