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Exclusively by Reiki Touch Dubai!

“I saw my future husband & my future kids. I saw myself changing my career path. I also got a chance to create a happier outcome using the alternative future method to avoid the loss of intimacy due the stress of work and kids” Jasmin

 “I needed 3 alternative futures until I was able to see myself happily married. This experience changed my perspective to life by giving me hope of finding a loving partner” Hanaa

“After my divorce; it became hard for me to trust love. I needed 3 alternative futures until I was finally able to let go of fear & embrace love. This session healed on many levels ”  Hiba

Quantum Physics proved that:

The future is not written in stone. We create it with our thoughts, feelings and actions. This means that we can alter our future when we change the way we think, feel & act.

If we compare a human being to a computer; the "subconscious" would be the equivalent of a "motherboard" storing all the details that will shape our future.

The Law of Attraction states that: "Like Attracts Like". If we don't like the future that we see; we can ask our human motherboard to come up with a different approach to life using all the stored info it contains based on our personal experience & others'. This will result in a  change in our thoughts, feelings & actions thus will attract us the alternative future which we long for.

Heal your Future, is a one-on-one session in which you can find the answers in any domain ex: 

The session is similar to a guided meditation, but, into the future. It'll help you connect to the Universal Energy where you will gain the wisdom of what the future might hold for you. During the session, I'll be sending Reiki with my eyes “The Look of Love” or “Gyoshi Ho in Japanese”. Reiki will open your 3rd eye & increase your intuition.

After the session, it's recommended to write down your visions, your feelings and any key words, numbers & dates that you recall so you can compare them to the events as they take place in your life.


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Thiba Sharaf (Ms.)

Reiki Master Teacher

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Location: Ibn Battuta Mall Area