"When I first did the rieki with Thiba I didn’t know much about it, I only knew that I pick up other ppl’s energy and I didn’t know how to block it or stop this feeling that I cant breath or have difficulty breathing ….after my first session I cant say but thank you for bringing me back to life!"


"Thiba is a gifted reiki teacher and helped me to initiate my journey into reiki. She is gentle and encouraging in her approach. Thanks Thiba and wishing you good luck always"


"At a point of time on my life , not along time ago , I was so stressed , emotionally confused , and exhausted from everything in my life starting with work , relationships , and even daily life style . I read about Reiki and asked my friends about it and all what i got was "stress relieving mechanism " . However I started to call so many people that are doing the reiki and eventually I end up going to master teacher Thiba Sharaf . I was a little bit scared from the entering this experience but it was really worth it . from the first session , I felt so much calm and relaxed in a way that I didnt feel like that since long time although that I do  go for alot of relaxing massage. during the session , I felt peaceful yet alot of heat coming of my chest . by the end of the session , I felt like energetic and happiness is surrounding me . when I went back home that day, I contacted my friend to go walking with her . without even telling her that I went to a reiki session , she said to me "Ibtesam you look so fresh and energetic " and i could feel that too , that was around 8 at night , and usually by that time I am dead and in the bed , but on that night , I felt like I want to go walking , seeing my friends and I didnt even complain from anything that goes in my life . The next day I went back to attend the first level workshop and I did the attunement , and the same day I did reiki to one of ladies , and she her self said that she experienced out of the body experience . I am doing reiki to my self on a daily basis , and I have written my dreams and my goals on a peice of paper and I do the affirmation using reiki every day using that paper . I forgat to mention , the day I did the attunement , I used reiki to manafist one of my dreams and on the same day, I promise you . my dream came true. I am planning to go for the next level of reiki , and for sure I am going to do the affiramtion every day and every time I feel like it . The amazing part is that I can do reiki on self when I wake up, when I am at work and sometimes in the evening before I go to the gym . I think everybody should be given the opportunity to feel the energy healing through their body . I am so thankful to God and to the circumstances that introduced me to Reiki"