Reiki Radiant Face

Exclusively by Reiki* Touch Dubai!
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"It was brief yet powerful. Relaxing and “uplifting”- I really felt the lifting of my face even without you touching it. Now, no saggy chin, and I feel more confident and beautiful. Thank you for the reiki radiant face" Thelma

"Thank you for the reiki radiant face session on the weekend! It was truly a wonderful experience :)
Having acne prone complexion, it was very relaxing during the session - I could actually feel the energy as if shots of electricity were running through my face. I have always considered facials to be a painful procedure. But this session has changed my thoughts and shown highly effective results too.
 The inflammation came down almost immediately, within a couple of hours and every time I cleansed my face with a cotton pad that night and the next day, the whiteheads came out effortlessly! I would certainly recommend it to anyone who wishes to have an effective and instant radiant face.  Thanks again ! Love,"  Annu

"My face looks clear, radiant & glowing. The dark circles under my eyes have vanished! My cheeks are lifted as well; I'm more confident & I feel beautiful. I'm so happy! Thank you for the reiki radiant face session" Alia
" Although you didn't touch me, but, I felt as if there was a brush on my face & later sprinkles of water. A beautiful experience. Thank you for the reiki radiant face session" Alice 
Reiki Radiant Face®

Exclusively by Reiki Touch Dubai!

Whoever said that beauty begins from within was not mistaken. Aging is a result of the accumulated toxins in the body. The Reiki Radiant Face, is a non-touchnon-medicinal, 45 min or 55 min session that uses Reiki energy balancing & crystals to erase the lines of stress and history, softens the influence of aging, and restores that youthful, healthy radiance. It is a wonderful relaxing experience with amazing results.
The Radiant Face Session is a wonderful add-on to your beauty routine to maintain your skin.
You can have the Reiki Radiant Face with your full make up on and continue with the rest of your day (see below guidelines)
 The Reiki Radiant Face can be done separately or as part of a reiki session to maximize benefits.
  • Results might take 2-3 sessions (the Reiki Radiant Face works on removing the energy blockages from inside the body so results might need a few sessions to surface).
  • Recommended Dosage: 3 -6 sessions  in 2-4 weeks (might be less or more depending on your condition)
  • Do NOT shower, wash your face or exercise heavily (to avoid sweat) for 3-12 hours after the session for optimum results 
Tip: Having a salt bath (1/2 cup) or a salt scrub between sessions will cleanse your aura & maximize effects
Sessions Details 

45 min at 1,100 AED Reiki session face & torso + Crystal Therapy
55 min at 1,200AED Reiki session face, torso & back + Crystal Therapy

Payment Method: CASH

(Sessions for men can be arranged in a different center - Al Manara St. - 200 AEDsurcharge booking fee) 
For bookings:
 Thiba Sharaf
Reiki Master Teacher
Location: Ibn Battuta Mall Area
Attend a Reiki Workshop 

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*Reiki is a stress reduction method that needs to be used alongside conventional medicine. The information on this website are metaphysical in nature and are not medical.

* Results may vary from one person to another