Are you Ready for Love?

Many complain about not having a romantic relationship in their lives. But, are you really ready for love? Or are you subconsciously blocking it? Answer below questions to find out

1.    You just ran into the man of your dreams; would you be able to recognize him?

Do you have a profile for your perfect partner? Would you be able to recognize him once you’ve met? Do you know what you’re looking for or are you clueless? Would you know for sure that you haven’t met him already?

The first step towards figuring out who’s your prefect partner is, is to figure out yourself. Get ready for a serious soul searching. Be honest with yourself; otherwise, you’ll be paying the consequences of your cheating by shattered dreams and a broken heart.

Make a list of all the “deal breaker” things that your ideal partner should have: age, race, religion, nationality, income, background…etc. This is not about being prejudice but rather about being realistic. You might be the kind of person who’s open and respectful of many cultures but when it gets to marriage it’s normal if you’re drawn to someone from a similar background (or entirely different if you’re a rebel) so get to the nitty-gritty stuff and be truly honest to save yourself and your future partner a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering.

2.    How would you feel about running into your perfect partner right now?

Would you be embraced of the way you look? Do you need a haircut? Are you in desperate need for a wardrobe change? Or maybe an entire make over? Are you still sad and whiny about a previous relationship? Or would you feel confident and excited about meeting the love of your life?

The fastest way to attracting what you long for in life is to act right now as if you already have it! So, go ahead and do everything that you need to do to prep yourself for your perfect partner whether it’s mending your broken heart or having a look makeover.

Your perfect partner will fall in love with you even if you were having a” bad hair day”; the goal here is not to stress you out to look like a magazine cover model but rather to motivate you to make a reasonably good first impression.

3.    What would be your reaction to the possibility of the love of your life seeing your living space?

Would you be terrified? Would you feel ashamed? Or would you be proud and happy about it?

Home should be a sanctuary; a haven of serenity where you can find refuge after a hard working day. A place where you long to go back to, not, to run away from! The status of our living place tells a lot about our internal state but it can also enhance it. There’s nothing that attracts negative energy than dust. So get serious about cleaning up or hire a made if you’re too lazy to do it. Get rid of the unnecessary items that you no longer need. It’s a stagnant energy that needs to be recycled. Participate in a flea market or donate them to charity. Allow the positive energy to flow freely in your house and your life.

4.    Do you have Room for your Perfect Partner?

Or are you too busy with work, family or a previous relationship? Do you have time to date?

Many might argue that they will make time once they meet him but this is not how life works. For instance, would you be able to fit new clothes in a full wardrobe? Or would you need to make room for them first?

Invite in the love of your life by making time for him right NOW.

Thiba Sharaf

Reiki Master Teacher


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