The Meditation Workshop

The Meditation Workshop (1,800 AED) 
Do you think that you don't know how to meditate? Meditation is a naturally inherit skill in all of us. It's a life necessity not an elite quality!  We all meditate daily; we simply unaccustomed of labeling it as meditation. We think that meditation is sitting in Louts position for long periods in silence; that's definitely a form of meditation but it's not the only one!

Meditation in a nut shell is being present in the momentOne minute only does count as meditation! Day dreaming is another form of meditation!
That's why it's very important to pay attention to our thoughts (positive or negative) because we're unconsciously shaping our reality.

The meditation workshop will help you enhance your naturally inherit skills. I usually run it as a one-on-one, but, I can accept up to 3 people. You will learn powerful techniques to connect you with Cosmic Energy to heal your life and fulfill your heart wishes.
  • Meditation in a nut shell
  • Difference between prayer & meditation
  • Connecting to Cosmic Energy 
  • Relaxation guided meditation
  • Heal your life guided meditation 
  • Fulfill your heart wishes guided meditation

Duration: 3 hours
Payment Method: CASH

For Bookings & Dates Contact
Thiba Sharaf (Ms.)
Reiki Master Teacher
Mob +971 50 662 8783
Location: Ibn Battuta Mall Area

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