Usui Reiki Workshops دورات الريكي

 Mikao Usui
Founder of the System of Reiki

My Lineage leads back to the founder of Reiki*, Mikao Usui

Reiki Level I (3,500 AED)
(You will get 1 FREE distant Reiki session in the value of 500 AED as a gift) 
Available in English/Arabic 

Students learn about:
*The history of Usui Reiki 
* The human energy field
* Self healing techniques
* Pendulum dowsing for chakra reading
* How to cleanse, charge and use crystals in healing
* In addition to valuable tips for protection and grounding  
* A FREE distant reiki session that will strengthen their energy after the workshop

Students will receive a detailed manual covering topics certificate with an exclusive Usui Reiki  lineage that goes all the way back to Usui’s original teachings and his first students.

Level one is a crucial step in your reiki journey. It lays the ground work for your entire reiki practice. The stronger your level one is; the stronger a practitioner you become. If you're a person who cuts to chase and seeks quality then you've come to the right place! 

Duration:3-4 hours
Payment Method: CASH

Reiki Level II (4,500 AED)
Available in English/Arabic 

Three Usui  Symbols
( you will receive extra Three non traditional symbols as a free gift)

Student are prepared to practice Reiki on others & learn distant reiki.  Gain ability to channel different frequencies of reiki by receiving  above mentioned reiki symbols.
Students will receive a manual covering topics & a certificate with an exclusive Usui Reiki  lineage that goes all the way back to Usui’s original teachings and his first students.
Duration: 3-4 hours
Payment Method: CASH

Reiki Level III A (5,500 AED)
Reiki Master
Available in English/Arabic 

Usui Master Symbol (Dai Ko Myo)
(you will receive extra  3 non traditional symbols  as a free gift)

Students receive the Master attunement which will strengthen their reiki energy. Will be trained on many Reiki Techniques and the Pilars of Reiki. Introduced to the Antahkarana symbol & the Crystal Grid.
On completing the master course, the new Reiki Master will receive a manual & a certificate with an exclusive Usui Reiki  lineage that links all the way back to Usui’s original teachings and his first students. 
Duration: 2-3  hours
Payment Method: CASH

Reiki Level III B (5,500 AED)
Reiki Master-Teacher
Available in English/Arabic 

The highest & final level in Reiki. Students will be taught the necessary breathing techniques as a Reiki Teacher & how to pass attunements on  others, sending distant attunements, teaching guidelines, finding the levels of toxins in a body & additional Reiki Techniques.
The Reiki Master Teacher will be able to conduct their own Reiki training classes from level one through master-teacher and certify others.
will receive a manual to help them with their mission & a certificate with an exclusive Usui Reiki  lineage that links all the way back to Usui’s original teachings and his first students. 
Duration: 2 hours
Payment Method: CASH

For Bookings & Dates Contact
Thiba Sharaf (Ms.)
Reiki Master Teacher
Mob +971 50 662 8783
Location: Al Wasl Road, Al Manara Exit


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*Reiki is a stress reduction method that needs to be used alongside conventional medicine. The information on this website are metaphysical in nature and are not medical.

* Results may vary from one person to another