Depression and Fatigue Free

Depression, fatigue and tiredness are usually signs of a dysfunctional Root Chakra.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which meaning “wheel”. We have 7 major chakras that function as main energy centers. Obtaining the correct amount of energy means that we have a balanced chakra. If the energy is lower than needed; the chakra will be under active or blocked. Obtaining too much energy, on the other hand, means that the chakra is overactive.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine (coccyx) and connects us to Mother Earth and to the Feminine / Sexual Energy “Kundalini”.

Can you imagine a healthy tree without deep healthy roots? That’s exactly why having a weak Root Chakra can negatively affect your entire life! Fear not though, this can be calibrated with simple yet very powerful Grounding Exercise.

The Tree Grounding Exercise

Ideally you need to repeat each morning and evening. Also, prior an important meeting, when angry, frightened, have headaches, or any other negative feeling. It can even be practiced while waiting for an appointment. Make sure; however, not to practice this while driving or operating machinery.

1.      Place your feet on the ground and start imagining roots coming out of your feet connecting you to Mother Earth. In the beginning, it might be difficult for you to grow these roots. Keep practicing and they will become longer

2.      INTEND that you’d like to dispose of any excess/negative energy to be recycled by Mother Earth. Your subconscious mind might transport you to a specific scenery (nature, garden etc.) or a certain phase in your life (childhood or a sad memory) allow it to guide you; most likely this is the original incident where your root chakra was affected

3.      Grow your roots deeper and deeper into Mother Earth. With practice, you’ll be able to reach the center of earth!

4.      When you feel you had enough time of your daily practice. Feel genuine gratitude and give thanks to Mother Earth

Thiba Sharaf

Reiki Master Teacher


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