Abundance Attraction Workshop

Abundance Attraction Workshop 

(2,500 AED)

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other"

Abraham Lincoln

Quantum Physics proved that:
  • We are all energetically connected
  • The human intentions have powerful impact on the properties of materials & the physical world

Join me in a life changing workshop to harness the secrets of  Universal  Energy for a “ Successful & Abundant Life” 

v Attracting & manifesting wealth
v Growing your wealth is easy
Protecting your wealth
Manifesting your dream job
Achieve success at work
Managing a happy & productive team
v Handeling difficult colleagues
v Be at your best
Creating a sacred work space
Give your business the edge

Duration                    4-5 hours

Payment method    Cash

For Bookings & Dates Contact
Thiba Sharaf (Ms.)
Reiki Master Teacher
Mob +971 50 662 8783
Location: Ibn Battuta Mall Area